How this began -

In sadness, and spontaneously:

email to the poetics list from Clemente Padin, Dave Baptiste Chirot, mIEKAL AND, Jim Andrews, and tom bell.

After many emails about assistance and cooperation an announcement was posted to many lists and known contacts: Call for Submissions.

Clemente sent an overall information message (here in Spanish with an English translation by Clemente and Dave Chirot):

[also see David Scott's posting at IAWIS]

Work started arriving soon thereafter and it continues. Tom Bell has arranged the works in an interpoetic medley which you can view by clicking on parts of the image on the left of a work by Philadelpho andthen follow as you are inclined. Remember that the 'symphony' you experience is one that is played by you, the viewer. We have kept the requirements for viewing at a fairly low level, but if need a more basic configuration for viewing, let us know and we will send you something to view. This is an international effort, so if you have trouble with the language you will have to find your own translator. If this is not possible let us know and one of our cooperators here will send you a Brazilian version of an English work, for example.

{short description of image}
--Philadelpho Menezes

The tribute has begun to stimulate interest in Philadelpho Menezes, his work, and his ideas:

Polartis special issue pete spence 40 bramwell st ocean grove 3226 victoria australia

AnilinA (Red Postal)

Arte onLINE (Brazil)

Pudding Magazine

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