*Jose Saramago, _The history of the seige of Lisbon, NY, Harcourt Brace, 1998. "the famous anecdote of Apelles and the shoemaker, when the craftsman pointed out an error in the sandal worn by one of the figures and then, having verified that the artist had corrected the mistake, ventured to give his opinion about the anatomy of the knee. At that point, Apelles, enraged at his insolence, told him, Cobbler, 'stick to your last.,"

**I was not supposed to be part of Marlowe's crew... I was one

of those on the shore jumping up, clapping and making faces -

the moment I realized that, then I realized that that was not me,

and that the story had to be told again. - Chinua Achebe

***Paul Vangelisti, in "Collage as language: further thoughts on 'Events'," in Katherine Hoffman, _Collage, critical views, Ann Arbor, UMI Research Press, 1989, his experiences working with collage poetry and the effect this had on him - a move from " a certain 'tragic' ethos or stance for which the desire to write verse preordained me" to "the salvage in _Portfolio is precisely comic, an assemblage of social and personal contexts within which poetic language may be choosing to play with this phenomenon, I find my poetry redefining itself..."

****Lois Martin in "Broaching texts and reading material: artist books by Robbin Ami Silverberg," JAB 10, 1998: "A book of words is sometimes like a basket of holes, a hobbled conveyor of meaning" to be stitched together.

*****Diggelmann, W. (1979). _Schatten Tagebuch eine Krankheit [Shadows, diary of an illness]. Zurich: Benziger, p.62, quoted in Dreifuss-Kattan, E. (1990). _Cancer stories: Creativity and self-repair. Hillsdale, NJ: The Analytic Press, p. 178.