"Silverberg stitched this book during a struggle with emotions which refused to be contained by language. Words are limited in their ability to reach across chasms....," Lois Martin, "Broaching texts and reading material: artist books by Robbin Ami Silverberg," JAB 10, 1998.

**Russell Meares, The metaphor of play. "the road to mastery begins with a basic feeling that arises when those emotions and ideas that are felt as peculiarly personal are responded to in a way that gives them value." 70 146 - "This fantasy becomes the framework into which a life moves, constantly being shaped. this is normal. Normality is breached where the selectivity of the other acknowledges some thing that is not part of, or perhaps not affectively central to, the experience of the developing child."

***Anne Carson, Glass, Irony, and God. NY, New Directions, 1995. "I wonder if there might not be another idea of human order than repression, another notion of human virtue than self-control, another kind of human self than one based on dissociation of inside and outside. or indeed, another human essence than self."

****Jose Saramago. The history of the siege of Lisbon. "the whole thing was nothing more than vague thoughts in the proof-reader's mind as he was reading and correcting what he had surreptitiously missed in the first and second proofs."

*****"Sir John would sit, in broad daylight, reading.....He would be reading Chaucer, wasting his time, dreaming - or what strange intoxication was it he drew from his books? Life was rough, cheerless, and disappointing. A whole year of days would pass fruitlessly in dreary business, like dashes of rain on the window-pane. There was no reason in it as there had been for his father; no imperative need to establish a family and acquire an important position for children who were not born....But Lydgate's poems or Chaucer's, like a mirror in which figures move brightly, silently and compactly, showed him the very skies, fields and people who he knew, but rounded and complete." Virginia Woolf, The Common Reader, London, Hogarth, 1925, pp. 23 - 24.

******"The pervasive participation of the knowing person in the act of knowing by virtue of an art which is essentially inarticulate." Morris Berman, _The reenchantment ofthe world, Ithaca, Cornell University Press, 1981, quoting Polanyi.

*******"But if he stays inside himself, if he is contained within his nature as he is a participantin the larger force, he will be able to listen, and his hearing through himself will give him secret objects to share," Charles Olson, "Projective Verse."

********Martha Petry (quoted by Michael Joyce, _Of two minds, AnnArbor, University of Michigan, 1995), "I think of writing...that becomes multidimensional as we layer, link...a stream that is a continuously, synchronistically, changing event where diving and stoneskipping, leaping across, and contemplating can happen simultaneously. We must listen so carefully to each other, how the stones splash."

*********"In the process construct the city of text....Bruner [Jerome] calls this...'stance markings..invitations to the use of thought reflection, elaboration, fantasy' as part of 'culture making'," Michael Joyce, _of two minds.

**********Paul Vangelisti, "Collage as language: further thoughts on 'Events'," in Katherine Hoffman, Collage:critical views, Ann Arbor, UMI Research Press, 1989, describes a move from "a certain 'tragic' ethos or stance for which the desire to write verse preordained" him to "the salvage in _Portfolio is precisely comic, an assemblage of social and personal contexts within which poetic language may be renewed...in choosing to play with this phenomenon, I find my poetry redefining itself..."