Gut feelings as I am listening on a visceral level to the pain he reveals beneath from within what he says. William Carlos Williams felt as he knelt over the injured child too much. "Spring and all proceeds from the premise that ordinary experience is not experience of the world but rather some form of barrier to 'immediate contact with the world.'" Diggory, T., William Carlos Williams and the ethics of painting, Princeton, NJ, Princeton University Press, 1991. Is a barrier needed? Is writing a barrier, Is painting? Are they ways? Are they gifts we are given that we can't shed or skin that covers shields wraps happens touches senses opens leads to.

"But how it abuses our senses and their 'dictionary,'

this pain that turns their pages!" -

Rilke's last words as quoted by James Elkins,

Pictures of the body: pain and metamorphosis,

Stanford, Stanford University Press, 1999.

Continuing in this vein we find "mucous membranes, for example, are continuous with the skin, providing a covering for orifices that remain in contact with air such as the bronchial tubes, the nose, the esophagus, and the intestines. The liminal passages that so fascinated Jacques Lacan, where familiar skin turns inward to the body, are mostly transitions from epidermis to mucous membrane - and contrary to Lacan's schematism, they take different forms in each orifice." - Elkins, p. 37.