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There are several dimensions of immediacy and interaction in these childish pieces: 1 & 2 temporality, choice of media2 - childish scrawl or print, and use of metaphor and metonym. These dimensions themselves play1 with each other in the space that is the visual poem. For example, Guillaume Apollinaire sought immediacy through hand writing some of his calligrams. He also simultaneously sought metonymic interaction with the reader through the way the reader choose to see the poems. He sought to move beyond the control of simultaneous conception into a play space2 that is there and not there, that narrates as it metonymically exerts its presence in the instance and eternally3.

A rose is like a rose is like a rose.

A rose is a rose is a rose.

A roseroserose A.

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1"Periodically, the infant's gesture gives expression to a spontaneous impulse; the source of the gesture is the True Self, the gesture indicates the existence of a potential true self". Winnicott, D. W., The Maturational Processes and the Facilitating Environment, New York, International Universities Press, 1965. p. 145.

2"The individuation of a life is not the same as the individuation of the subject that leads it or serves as its support. It is not the same plane: in the first case, it is the plane of consistency or of composition of haecceities which knows only speeds and affects; and in the second case, it is the altogether different plane of forms, substances, and subjects." - Deleuze, Felix, and Guattari, Felix, A Thousand Plateaus, Minneapolis, University of Minnesota, 1987, p. 261 - 262.

3Bohn, Willard, The Aesthetics of Visual Poetry, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 1986.

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