- "Emily Dickinson's writing is a premeditated immersion in immediacy." Howe, Susan, "These flames and generosities of the heart: Emily Dickinson and the illogic of sumptuary values," The birth-mark: unsettling the wilderness in American literary history, Hanover, Wesleyan University Press of New England, 1993.

- Taggart, John, "Come shadow come and pick this shadow up," Songs of degrees: essays on contemporary poetry and poetics, Tuscaloosa, University of Alabama Press, 1994. "Donald Francis Tovey [defined] fugue simply as 'a texture.' For when we look for the root of this new term, what we find is the Latin textura, 'a weaving.' [Zukofsky wrote] ' the effect or suggestion is something like a mirror fugue and the effect is something like a prayer.'"