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Metaphor/Metonym for Health

At least since Homer

poetry and art have been seen as

potentially healing actions. This site has been set up to

display work by poets, artists, and people with chronic difficulties

who have been helped by the process of writing or drawing through them.....

submissions to

Art Webart

Incarnation: Heart of the Maze

{short description of image}by Carolyn Guertin

razor {short description of image}, tom bell

Writings, musings, poetry

'Door' by Patrick McManus

Current State i.m. D.P. by Gerald Schwartz

Art/poetry as 1. Motivation, 2. Illness as a metaphor for life, 3. Interpersonal interaction, and 4. Resolution and acceptance.

Thinking about what's involved here? Thinking about getting involved?

Do something - medical/therapy explanation - theory

Or a good belly laugh


by people with chronic physical or mental problems such as:

Arthritis Cancer Cystic fibrosis Depression

Irritible Bowel Disorder

tom bell's home page {short description of image}