“Hurry, sickness, save your sanity.

Hurry, sickness, save your sanity!

Hurry sickness has been

an issue


in degree and intensity, leading to rudeness, short-tempered behavior

and even violence, alongside a range of physical ills.... The

primary culprit, according to Sparagon, is the

increasing prevalence of technology --

like e-mail, cell phones

(over 100 million




phones), pagers

and laptop computers. We

can bring work home, into our

bedrooms and on our vacations.

Time has sped up.”

--alysson geller, MPH, writing in THRIVE ONLINE - Medical/Fitness/Sexuality/Nutrition/Weight/ Serenity (experts - boards - news - chat - maps) Newsletter - eight ways to THRIVE, Drive into Thrive, Slow Down, November 6, 2000, http://thriveonline.oxygen.com/serenity/stres s/hurry_sickness/