Metaphor/Metonym for Health is a nonprofit organization

formed to facilitate change through the writing and art

of people afflicted by physical or mental difficulties.

The organization develops or helps in the development of

projects with this focus and supports their continuation.

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Writing and Art Therapy Group for People with Functional Gastrointestinal Disorder and Other Physical Problems



This would be an eight session poetry therapy group for eight patients with physical problems in which some improvement has been seen using cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy and/or poetry therapy. There is NO requirement that the patients have any ability in or knowledge of writing or art. All that is required is that they come, contribute to group discussion, and complete assigned homework assignments. Patients would be screened through an assessment interview prior to starting the group and asked to sign a release to facilitate communication between the therapist and each patientís physician. Each patient would also complete two brief psychometric instruments. The leader for this particular group is a published poet and licensed clinical psychologist with twenty years experience who is a member of the National Association of Poetry Therapists, the International Foundation for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders, and the Brain Gut Research Group as well as APA.



Research has shown that cognitive-behavioral therapy is effective in treating a wide range of physical problems. Research has also shown that writing therapy is effective in improving general health and outlook on life, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, heart


problems, functional gastrointestinal disorder, diverticulitis, irritable bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia, and, in general, improves any response to an on-going treatment by a physician



It is estimated that initial start costs would be:

Publicity - brochures to physicians 150 X $0.50 $75.00

visits to physicians 40hrs.@$50/hr 200.

newspaper, etc. 150.

Arranging for a location 20hrs.@$50/hr 100.

Initial screening interviews 20hrs.@$115/hr 230.

Patient materials (book and notebook) 125.

TOTAL $880.00

Treatment would be provided at two different rates.

Rate for insurance utilization would be $115/hr and include insurance/HMO



approval, billing, and physician communication with an average patient

copay of $15/session. There would be no costs charged to program for

billed sessions. $960

Rate for those not utilizing insurance would be $55/session $3520

Assuming half would have and utilize insurance treatment costs would

be (960+3520/2=) $2240.00


Space rental @$100/session= $800.00

Treatment closure and physician follow-up costs at $115/hr with 1 hr/patient= $920.00


Research costs 10 hours $115/hr= $1160.00

Total $6000.00