tiniest new cell inside the mouth,

doesn't know what's happening

slight growth in convulsing body, cooling

doesn't even recognize the lack of food, expulsions, sounds

bright new cell, inside a bright new world

doesn't know anything, body shutting down

later, there's one right eye half-open

i can look into her pupil, i don't remember blinking


beneath the water, disturbances

untethered, riggings

liquid, the forms following, liquid shabby,

shapeless, memory, unholding

stressed or stretched cloth, sails,


cold lake rocking

earth which is always waters

the waters


+++ dear whom,

+++ what is it you wish to know. last night there were burrowings, them I hope you understand. the great sky were an enormous jelly of one piece. so distinct i hear A great soul has come through this sky. +++ i did not see through there, i did not further went. what would be this that the very walls shudder, i did not have premonitions. in the morning i listen to a star i cannot see in our bright day. +++ i did see nothing. +++ 'i am a radio waiting for a station' my father did say. the sun was very bright day and perhaps that were a reason. i do not know. i hear A great music in my soul. i will study god. we +++

march 16, 9 a.m., 2000


the lake /*as if contained*/

talking in the middle of the world /*waters and no shores*/

the motivation of a sail /*none, none*/

perfect balancing where worlds /*among forces*/

breathe in worlds, /*breathing winds*/

delicate among elements /*air, water contrail*/

what, happening, since beginnings /*of universes, chaos*/

making us human /*muteness of nature*/

taking us away /*rapture, travel, death*/


the moorings


moorings, the home

homing and balance

suspended in water, eyes open

the balance of water and water

the balance of water and air

balance of death and water

balance of life and death

waters mooring waters

waters mooring


losing the image

waiting for the real to appear

waking slowly in the sun

skies and eyes

from the water, a message

thin wedge of light bright on the beam

hello we are drowned your drowned

we are waiting for your coming

your your


OF THE binding of names

a shrieking angel falls in the water

& his sodden wings will not fly again

& BIND the name to the number & BIND

& transform the number to the name

& a shrieking angel will be reassigned,

his name taken up across NETS in this

& every other world, & his name REBOUND

& his number reassigned

i do fall into the depths of the waters

i do swim among the winged and feathered hollows

& there i do bind this wayward drowning angel

& there i do spoof his useless address UNBOUND

i will ride high in the midst of NETS

& routers i am the NAME & the NUMBER

i do BIND the NAME & the NUMBER

o my great wings, to thy great wings


Siehe, die Baume _sind,_ and,

wandering among forests of directories and files,

until at the end of the long path,

there are only files, files are only things

veering among beauty, such, placed and cited

across the plateaus of disks and drives,

huddled within the fragments of domains,

turning, transformed, when the glider veers

in our direction, UNBINDING names and numbers

every file leaves itself space

unfathomed, between one and another domain;

it's here that wings, terror terrified

holds to the semblance of the real

but i, i have forsworn the real

huddled in my wings, huddled in thy wings


beneath the water disturbances water-clogged

earth which is always waters the waters

talking in the middle of the world

delicate among elements suspended in water

eyes open the balance of water and water

the balance of water and air balance of death

and water waters mooring waters waters

mooring from the water a message a shrieking angel

earth lapping at the waters seeped in waters

dispersions of earths and souls and drowned eyes

and drowned

earths, waters, souls, moorings, souls


C:\dying C:\and C:\funereal

from C:\the C:\solitary C:\sleeper

to C:\the C:\family's C:\descent

or C:\from C:\dying C:\in C:\the C:\sky's C:\arch

C:\and C:\then C:\too

lateral C:\relations C:\among C:\relations

the C:\solitary C:\among C:\the C:\solitary

speaking, C:\unable C:\to C:\speak,

last C:\words C:\on C:\frozen C:\weather

so C:\that, C:\chattering, C:\words C:\iced

C:\in C:\such C:\a C:\manner

suturing C:\all C:\nature C:\of C:\things

C:\and C:\names

binding C:\names C:\and C:\numbers

C:\roots C:\of C:\each C:\and C:\every C:\thing,

the C:\root, C:\drive, C:\driven


when do you say, i am done with experiment, now i will talk with you,

now you will hear me talking, with no transformation,

and then you might hear me, you might hear me saying,

i'm tired of making meaning, i'm tired of meaning and making meaning,

tired of all of this, of carrying the necessity of language,

the needs of the speaking of language ; there are no angels,

there never have been, there are no others, but of the proffering,

i am sure as long as it's unthought, the way the sun follows form,

think of a sundial ; there are no others gracious in reception,

what i have done, you might find me saying, i'm tired of phorias,

of meaning carried before the back, reachless, gracious, silent,

as long as there are words