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But since when is this a poem? Or

When is it?

As the poet spills his guts


As read in a barroom reading,

Typeset in The Congressional Record,

Whispered by cellphone

In congested streets and markets,

Or read by fellow patient

Ly waiting in hospital or on internet byways?


















My experience as a psychologist has given me some insight into assessing patients. I have some experience figuring out who is likely to stick with and benefit from treatment, who is smart enough to act in their own best interest as far as treatment is concerned, and also who is just seeking a quick pill fix for a complicated problem.

Now that I am a patient (http://www.healthandage.com/Home/gm=0!gc=15!gid2=1259)*, I have gained additional insights into peoples’ interest in getting better and ability to follow instructions and abide by directions for use of medications**.

I have also gained some insights as a member of the lotronex action group***.

Irritable Bowel Disorder (IBS) is a potentially serious and life altering disorder despite opinions of some who never come in contact with those suffering from its more serious effects. It’s victims include people from all walks of life and all socioeconomic classes.. Many of them were or want to be productive in demanding occupations. Many have tried an amazing amount of treatments and they failed - not because of lack of compliance, inability to follow directions, or lack of follow-through. Many have been forced to learn more about treatment regimens for this condition than a lot of physicians. They include a significant percentage of the population. Depression and chronic fatigue syndrome, two of my other disorders, make up another significant percentage. There are a lot of other disorders we all have.

The most debilitating impact of the disorder appears to be on quality of life, which in turn leads to depression and family and social problems. As psychologist, patient, and as a poet I feel that if something works I’ll take it (and I will take it as directed) and so will most other people. The real key to drug safety then is drugs that work.

But it is as a poet that I wrote this piece of investigative poetry and it is as a poet that I send it to you for publication at your meeting.


* “A Psychologist has Irritable Bowel Syndrome” was written for _Healthandage_ and I received $100 in payment for it. This website is supported in part by Novartis. I also received two coupons from them for $1.00 discount.

** This and other points are documentable from the literature.

*** Some of these people were present at the April 23rd meeting regarding this drug. To my knowledge, none of them received any reimbursement or consideration for this.











Or as poetry by the sick or disabled

Relegated to Oprah and women’s health magazines and TV specials and such and so on and forth


So, not






























Is more than

To be picked over prodded contemplated defined analyzed





Is unformed poetry

Or poetry weeds out disarray?




Is more than

A label badge identification disability tag category diagnosis chaos order




















Disorder is “The Way We Live Now”

What we are given.




Our lives

My life





Heed the red


See wheelbarrows


.{short description of image}Investigative poetry