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'a decision between insanity

and security is imminent'

- Kafka, Diaries (February, 1922)

as quoted by Julia Kristeva in

Revolution in Poetic Language,

NY, Columbia University Press, 1984

But is this just an either/or situation?

Cloud of unknowing

The icy-blue here-and-now,

Yellow tremors of the earthy

Tomes in the sand paintings,

Tomes scribed in my hand,

Writing the tomes. The tomes. The tomes

Writing through me in the sand.

The third way.

Degrees of sanity in-

Sanity I'm here

Here-and-now degrees. Decrees.

Just clever wordplay?

This is clever wordplay

That runs a ways




or de



fill landfill: no scrap, please.

To what extent

Let the other in on the

The danger of speaking

Is loss of control...

Over the edge

Into chaos

And out.