"Within the medium of language, Williams recognizes such qualities in the activity of 'playing the words' (Paterson, NY, New Directions, 1963, p. 179) that he associates with the discovery of radioactivity." Diggory, T., William Carlos Williams and the ethics of painting, Princeton, NJ, Princeton University Press, 1991.


low in what

world as word

leaves behind: that greeny flower hardness dead of stones irradiates play my yellow dogtags scent of snow newfallen gray funereal in shadows pinkish lillies raucous red ads blandishments political rock rhetoric predawn legend blues drumbeat

"The fragility of the flower


penetrates space."

leaves behind: that greeny irradiation's my flower of hardness dead. Stones play yellowed dogtags scent newfallen gray snow funereal shadows pinkish raucous red lillies rock rhetoric political blandishments drumbeat ads predawn blues legend.


to walk slowly draw her body work at a lathe play

to move up down around

But one must walk slowly along the road of dead stones, especially someone who has lost his understanding of words. Antonin Artaud.